2016 Results


                     Elite Female                                                           Elite Male
                        LATASHA                                                      CROSSOVER ELITE




Adult Co-Ed ILYE Hunter Hank Gathers
Adult Co-Ed TrpoicsPHX LEGENDZ
Adult Female Hoop Luv Shake and Bake
Adult Male San Jose Elite Nothing But Buckets
Adult Male RED SHIELD TSA Bakersfield Hustlers
Adult Male DeezNuts Platinum
Adult Male Banquet Boyz SWAT
Adult Male Hollister VINO
Adult Male Family Phirst RAT
Adult Male Soca Warriors Doughboiz
Adult Male Ohio TOO MUCH
Adult Male Inner city ballerz SanDiego Finest
Adult Male Smuv LA Hoosiers
Adult Male Transit Systems Calis Finest
Adult Male Mile High  Hoopkingz
Adult Male Family South Bay Ballers
Adult Male Three the hard way Hyphy
Adult Male Digital Bullets Midnight Mission
Elite Female Latasha Ariel Investments
Elite Male Crossover Elite LA Athletic Club
Corporate Challenge Male GumBallers KPMG Two
Corporate Challenge Male Northgate AmWINS
Special Olympics Male LA Galaxy Team Jorge SCV Sharks
Special Olympics Male Anaheim Panthers One Male Eagles
Teen Co-ed IJIP Prep Boys
Teen Co-ed IE Scorpions JCAB COED
Teen Female TVT Elite Lady Hawks
Teen Female Beast Westside Elite Two
Teen Female Whittier Lady Hawks TVT
Teen Female Rice and Cabbage SBC HS Girls Gold
Teen Male Raptors Black SCWarriorsThirteenWHA & Warriors Elite
Teen Male Big City Sports Wilmington Calibears
Teen Male Young ballerz Impact Basketball
Teen Male Junior underdog SCWarriorsFourteenA
Teen Male Truth Elite Clozers
Teen Male SCV Hoopers GoonSquad
Teen Male V Venom Fifteen U A Rancho Elite Two
Teen Male Impact Blue HD
Teen Male Junior Leftovers Agoura Magic
Teen Male Invitation Only Goonies
Teen Male Ultimate ballers SBC HS
Teen Male JCAB Fab Four LA Finest
Teen Male SBC Elite Ice
Teen Male Sylmar Nineteen Hard to Guard
Wheelchair Male Rancho OGees Rancho Throwback
Youth Co-ed Super LINtendos Mini Transit System
Youth Co-ed SC Warriors Twelve A JCAB Future
Youth Male Lil Breakers u Lady Whittier Magics
Youth Male Westside Elite SBC Young Girls
Youth Male BBL Running Rebels Shooting Stars
Youth Male Vanguard SoCalWarriorsNineA
Youth Male LA Warriors Boyle Heights Reble
Youth Male LA Bobcats Whittier Hawks
Youth Male Crossover Elite Hitman
Youth Male Inglewood Stars Dojo Shooters
Youth Male Dojo Elite HWB Lakers
Youth Male So Cal CAVS Burbank Raptors
Youth Male Black Mambas Elite SBC Young Males
Youth Male LA Hustle Immortals
Youth Male LA Hawks Four MV Elite Two



August 4-6, 2017

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